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Reformulação do servidor para melhorar a gameplay.

🔰 INAUGURAÇÃO 05/12/20 🔰 🔰 Site:🔰 ✅Gameplay Armors: Titanium e Infernus Knight Weapons Custom: Icarus Acessorios +200 Tattoo, Shirts e Joias Boss(Grand Boss) All boss Chaotic Zone NO-BS in Area-PvP Area Farm Zone Custom ❇️Enchants Safe Enchant: +4 Max Enchant Normal Scroll: +30(Somente Weapon) Max Enchant Normal Blessed: +18 Max Enchant Crystal: +18 Max Enchant Gold: +18 ✅Normal Scroll chance 30% ate +10 (15% acima +18) Blessed Scroll chance 35% ate +15 Gold Scroll chance 40% ate +15 ✅Buff Slot 36 + 4 (Divine Inspiration) Scheme Buffs in NPC All buffs ⚠️Olympiad Olympiads das 18:00 as 00:00 Itens Grade-A Retail Jewells Boss allowed Oly Enchant +18 Periodo: 7 dias. 🚫Protections Smart Guard Allowed All Injection Protections DDoS protection Ant Bot protection Informações Horário do Servidor, Site e Fórum - GMT -3 Chance Mínima de Debuffs - 10% Chance Máxima de Debuffs - 90% Sistema Anti-Bot (Smartguard) Geodata e Pathnodes - Sim Sub-Classe Quest - Não Quest ❗Noblesses - Quest e Last Hit Barakiel Nobles Classe Master ❗Auto Learn Skills ❗ Auto Loot

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